BRASS BAND CD "California Grand March"

Fort Point Garrison Brass Band - CALIFORNIA GRAND MARCH CD - New and sealed in plastic wrap.

This CD was recorded on location at San Francisco's historic Fort Point. Fort Point is a Civil War era fort that is located under the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge. This fort served to protect the shipments of gold at the entrance of the San Francisco Bay. This was the first band recording to ever take place at this historical national site!

The recording took place on the 1st floor level of Fort Point in a 20'x20' brick cannon casemate in September 2010. Original 150+ year old 19thcentury brass wind instruments were used for this recording to reproduce the authenticity of sound that would have been heard in the 1850's - 1870's at this fort (Gold Rush & Civil War era).

Fort Point Garrison Brass Band is a Northern California based reenactment band that plays mid-19th century music on original period instruments. Our primary goal is to present the public with an authentic and historically correct band reenactment.

1. We Are Coming Father Abra'am
2. California Grand March
3. Hail Columbia
4. Glory Hallelujah
5. Marching Through Georgia
6. President's Hymn
7. Louisville March
8. Cheer Boys Cheer
9. Yellow Rose of Texas
10. Goober Peas
11. Old Joe Hooker
12. Dixie & Bonnie Blue Flag
13. Jenny Lind Polka
14. Come Dearest the Daylight is Gone
15. Slumber Polka
16. Lilly Bell Quick Step
17. Sweet Home
18. Vacant Chair
19 .When Johnny Comes Marching Home

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